Hot Hand – Greatest Single-Quarter NBA Performances

Every so often, an NBA player catches fire and seemingly can’t miss a shot. In these moments, the player is said to have a “hot hand”. 

In the 3rd quarter on January 23, 2015, Klay Thompson had the hottest hand the NBA world had ever seen. He drained 9 out of 9 three-pointers attempted, 4 out of 4 two-pointers, and 2 free throws for a whopping 37 points, an NBA record that many believe will never be broken. This dashboard explores the details of Klay’s incredible performance, along with many other impressive single-quarter performances. 

In an effort to truly find the “hottest hand”s, free throws are excluded from point totals. This means that to make the list, a player had to be sinking two and three point shots, not just drawing fouls.

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